What’s Staff Augmentation?

21 Jun 2022

Staff Augmentation is the hiring of external personnel on a temporary basis to augment the organization’s capacity. 

It helps a company to tap professionals specialized in particular areas to work on a project.

What makes Staff Augmentation different from the Dedicated Development team?

In Staff Augmentation, a professional with specific skills are hired. 

On the other hand, when you collaborate with a software company for a dedicated development team, you are gaining the access to multiple skills that cover different phases of a project. A dedicated Development team is relatively suitable for long-term projects.

Why should you choose Staff Augmentation?

Following are the reasons:

  1. Experienced Hands

When a company decides to fill a specialized role for a project, staff augmentation helps to tap experienced professionals who do not require training. Moreover, you are able to find a candidate who perfectly suits the role.

  1. Cost-effective

It’s cost-effective because professionals are hired for a specific project, and the firm does not have to bear the cost of a long term. 

  1. Flexibility

In-house hiring is a time-consuming process. Without investing in a full-fledged workforce, staff augmentation helps to expand the operations.

Staff augmentation allows for the hiring of new members on a project basis.

  1. Operational Efficiency

Staff augmentation reduces the cost of operations. Operational efficiency is achieved through flexible working platforms. The hired professionals will work either remotely or from the workspace of supplying organization.

What are the challenges?

There are some challenges associated with staff augmentation.

Let’s have a look at it.

  1. Barriers in time & language

One of the important challenges that a client will face is the language. If the language proficiency is poor, it can hamper the workflow. The company can overcome this challenge by checking on the vendor’s language proficiency and communication skills. 

Another challenge is the time zone problem. This challenge can be overcome by scheduling the meetings at a time that is convenient for both parties.

  1. Security

Another challenge in the staff augmentation model is security concerns as a third party is involved in the operations & workflow of the company. The project’s security and privacy are important and need to be protected. Frequent security audits are to be undertaken to address the security threats.

  1. Quality

Quality should not be compromised. When a vendor offers lower prices do not fall for it quickly. The vendor must be chosen after checking their credentials and analyzing their previous performance records and clients’ feedback.

When to choose Staff Augmentation?

  1. Competitive Advantage

When a company wants to utilize its competitive advantage staff augmentation can be used. The competitive advantage with regard to the exploration of new avenues and meeting the deadlines through staff augmentation cannot be forgone and is very crucial in the growth of a company.

  1. Bridge the skill gap

A company would be working on multiple projects. Each project will require different skill sets and the demand for these skills also differs on a project basis.  Staff augmentation can provide experienced professionals to the table and thus it will bridge the skill gap.

  1. Fresh Perspective

When a company chooses to have some innovative ideas, solutions, and strategies, staff augmentation is a viable solution. When fresh thoughts are brought in through staff augmentation, the company’s teamwork and performance will elevate to greater heights on future projects.

Tips for successful Staff Augmentation

  1. Defining goals and objectives

The company should clearly define its unique objectives that are to be achieved in a project and the type of staff required for the successful completion of the project.

  1. Identify the required skills

Before hiring, the company should identify the gaps in terms of skills. This will help to fill in the gaps and pave the way for growth through the successful hiring of the right candidates.

  1. Leadership

Effective leadership is required for successful staff augmentation. Although the augmented staff is highly skilled and experienced, strong leadership is required for smooth functioning.

  1. Onboarding process

A strong onboarding process is essential to help the new employees familiarize themselves with goals and work culture.

  1. Recognition

It is essential to constantly motivate the employees through appropriate guidance and praise when it is required. Motivation stimulates the productivity of the employees and even the augmented staff is deserved too for it.

In a nutshell Staff augmentation is a cost-effective solution to fill the skill gaps. It helps to deliver products and services on time without compromising on quality. Today augmentation is widely being used for the benefits that it offers.

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