What’s a Dedicated Development Team Model?

02 Jun 2022

The dedicated Team Development Model is a commonly used term used in the software development arena.

It’s a business partnership agreement for remote collaboration between the client and the service provider. The client is offered software development professionals by the service provider for the long term.

In this business model, the client can decide on whether to handle the team from their side or assign the service provider’s manager for the communication.  This kind of model is perfect for well-grounded organizations and for startups that are developing.

What’s an Engagement Model?

When a decision is made to collaborate with a firm for software development services, the next step is to select an appropriate engagement model.

An engagement model is a plan that defines in detail the type of collaboration between the client and the service provider.

Let’s discuss in detail the different types of engagement model and how it is different from the dedicated team development model.

Types of engagement model

1. Fixed Price Engagement Model

The fixed model has a definite vision of the objectives, project requirements, and the deadlines that are to be achieved. The price is fixed between the contracting parties and it cannot be exceeded.  This eliminates the chance of unforeseen expenses for the hiring company.

Since planning and scheduling of the activities are completed at the initial stage of the project, close supervision of the project progress is not required. If any changes are to be made, the parties will have to negotiate and incorporate those changes in the document and it needs to be signed by both the parties. The efficient implementation and the success of the project depend upon the clarity of the instruction.  Thus a project with definite goals and instructions will benefit the client and the service provider.

2. Time and Material Engagement Model

In this model, the changes or the alterations to the project can be made at any time. This can result in unforeseen costs and the deadlines may not be met. The length and complexity of the project may also increase during the collaboration period, and the client’s involvement may increase.

3. Dedicated Development Team  Model

In this model, there is a dedicated team of experts who are controlled by the contracting company. The IT professionals in the team are chosen by the vendor through appropriate selection techniques.

The dedicated team development model also provides excellent scalability. The experts in the remote team can be hired or fired by the clients. During the period of collaboration, each member is committed to the project delegated by the hiring company. Moreover, each member can directly communicate to the hiring company on the status and progress of the project. 

The fixation of the price depends on the team size and the contracting company will have to pay the required expenses of the specialists.

So an engagement model must be selected after carefully analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of a project.

What are the benefits of a dedicated development team? 

1. Cost Efficiency>

The average in-house rate of a dedicated team is higher when it is compared to the average outsourcing rate.

2. Experienced and skilled professionals

The vendor has a big team of professionals who are well experienced in their respective fields.

The company can also take part in the hiring procedure of the dedicated team and select persons who are best suited for the job.

3. Transparency

The work progress can be evaluated through direct communication with members of the dedicated team. The pros and cons of the team can also be assessed.

4. Flexibility

A lot of flexibility is possible in the dedicated team in terms of time, materials, team members, etc.

5. A dedicated and committed team

When a dedicated team is outsourced, the company can get a team that adapts its work culture.

What’s the right time to adopt a dedicated development team model?

1. Startups at the Initial Phase

The startups which want to expand can hire a development team in the initial phase itself. Through this model, the in-house team can focus on the core business, and the company can save time, and money and develop products faster.

2. Unclear on the requirements

A dedicated team can help a project with unclear requirements to develop.  It helps to focus on the right areas with no fear of overspending as the entire team dedicates its time and renders adequate help.

3. Long Term Projects

When the projects are for the long term, the development team model is ideal.  This model is perfect for enhancing the potential of the project.  The team will also be there to guide and support until the end of the project.

4. Shortage of resources

When the project faces a shortage of resources, the dedicated development team model can be used.  The offshore company provides a dedicated team for the development of the project.

 Guidelines to follow when an offshore team is hired

1. Proven Portfolio

 An offshore team should be hired only after checking the portfolio.

2. Feedback

Customers’ feedback needs to be checked while hiring an offshore team

3. Skills and experience

The skills and experience of the team members need to be checked.

4. Communication

It is essential to ensure the communication skills of the team members.

Tips for efficient  management of a Dedicated Team

Following are some tips for the efficient management of a dedicated team:

  1. Schedule one-to-one meetings with each team member regularly.
  2. Dedicated team should be allowed to make decisions.
  3. Goals must be clearly defined for the team members.
  4. Follow an open-door policy.
  5. The choices and decisions must be conveyed clearly to the team members.

What are the top 7 mistakes made in hiring a Dedicated Development Team?

1. Choosing a company without verifying their credentials

An offshore development team should be hired only after reviewing and verifying their credentials.  The company can better be known through public reviews. The Clutch reviews of clients on the company’s performance can be read for this purpose. An agile methodology is best suited when hiring an offshore company. It’s because an agile team is flexible, and innovative, delivers high-quality products, and places emphasis on customer satisfaction.

2. Compromising on the value

Some entrepreneurs collaborate with offshore companies which provide services at a lower price. As a result, the entrepreneurs face several consequences. Thus an entrepreneur should focus more on the value that will be received rather than the price while hiring a dedicated team for the development of a project

3. Placing geographic restrictions

When a company decides to hire an offshore development team, it should hire the right team irrespective of their geographical location. Such a team would work dedicatedly towards the goals.

4. Not checking on the skills of the team

Communication with the sales executive and managers is not adequate. Entrepreneurs should communicate with the members of the development team to understand their work patterns and vice versa.

5. Goals are not presented clearly

When an offshore development team is decided to hire, the company should clearly define the goals and convey them to the members of that team.

6. Speed emphasized

Do not fall for a company that promises to deliver the products fastly. Interactions only through chats are even more suspicious.

7. A fixed price model

Some developers keep their prices fixed whether the project is small or big. But it cannot be justified all the time. A fixed price model works only when the project is small. Most entrepreneurs prefer the time and material model as there are many variables in the project that are not constant. So choose the fixed price model when required.

What does Webdura offer?

A full-service IT company helping businesses to grow faster with 10+ years of experience and has covered the 360 decree spectrum of the software industry.

It provides an Agile team with the following features:

  • Build ‘your own team’ with our offshore pool.
  • Flexibility to scale up and down based on your needs.
  • Engineers will be dedicated resources for you only.
  • Assign tasks directly and consider them as ‘Your own team’. 
  • Minimum 8 hours allotted daily towards the tasks.
  • Resource replacement as per availability; if you need to switch anyone.

Join hands with Webdura to take your company to greater heights.


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