Team Selling

02 Sep 2022

It’s time to replace “I” in sales with “We”.

Why is it so?

The B2B sales environment is getting more complex each day. To survive in the cut-throat competition, businesses must showcase their unique characteristics. This will make the buying process easier for the prospects.

How can we do it?

Team Selling can be a good option.

What’s Team Selling?

It’s a collaborative sales approach where two or more team members work together to close complex deals.

Take for example a sales member and a specialist from another department handling a call to address the specific concerns that the client may have.

Why is Team Selling important?

1. Strengthen Business relations

Communication and collaboration involved in team selling help to strengthen relationships and business partnerships.

When team selling is chosen by a company, it could improve the internal lines of communication and enhance trust between the team members.
Thus, the information would easily flow between the departments without any hurdles.

Team selling can help to provide accurate information to clients and can lead to better sales pitches and shortened sales cycles because stronger partnerships are built with your clients.

2. Customers can be engaged on a personal level

Team Selling provides a better idea of the buyer’s needs and expectations due to the advantage of multiple perspectives and expertise. When the requirements are anticipated, you become a trusted advisor and partner in the process.
The quality of leadership also matters in team selling. The senior executives can lend weight to the offerings and provide long-term perspectives that can help to strengthen the bid and lead to larger deals.

3. Company’s expertise and leadership in the field can be demonstrated

When specialists from different departments are involved, the unique concerns of the buyers can be addressed with clarity and expertise. This approach can increase credibility and build trust between the company and the clients.

4. Clear understanding of the needs and expectations

When specialists are involved, they make sure to ask the right questions and gather the information required to develop a clear picture of the client’s needs and expectations.
The sales cycle can be shortened and client satisfaction can be improved by properly identifying the client’s main concerns and the blocks if any.

5. Problem-solving can be a team sport

The problems and formulation of the appropriate solutions can be performed more efficiently and effectively through team selling. Quicker and more perfect solutions can be provided without much delay.

Till now the importance of Team Selling was explained.

But do you know how to implement the team selling effectively?

Here are some tips for the successful implementation of team selling.

1. Team roles must be defined properly

Team selling is not just the involvement of any two people on a call. A strategic and deliberate structure must be formulated for the successful implementation of the team selling approach.

You need to decide on the following when you decide to implement team selling:

● Who will be the client’s point of contact?

● What is each person’s responsibility or role?
● When should the team members be introduced or involved in the sales cycle?

Well-defined team roles can avoid confusion and unnecessary delays in team selling.

2. Team members should be selected strategically

When a team is built, the people with the right skills, experience, and personality must be selected. This approach would be effective and successful when team members have the skills and personalities to complement each other and support the great goals.

3. A clear reward system should be established

A clear reward system must be formulated to motivate the team members.. There must be a proper plan for the allocation of rewards. Each team member should be rewarded in accordance with their contribution.

4. Account maps are to be used

Team selling is often used to handle complex deals. Visualizing the accounts can help the team to understand the account, identify gaps in data, contribute their expertise and avoid duplication of work. Account mapping makes the sales procedure more efficient.

5. Data silos are to be removed

A central place for documentation must be created for team selling to be successful. All the team members should have access to the same information and there should be a smooth flow of information between them.

6. Regular deal reviews can be conducted

Formal deal reviews will help to ensure that the team works smoothly and the deal is on track. Regular sales call reviews, informal brainstorming, and feedback meetings can help to improve the process of team selling.

You can use these tips to build a solid sales structure that is based on trust, collaboration, and communication.

As we discussed it’s important to know on Sales Pod.

What is a Sales Pod?

A team of salespeople that works as a cohesive unit. A pod contains a combination of SDRs, AEs, and CSMs. It functions like an assembly line where each salesperson completes a specific responsibility that enables the level after them in the pod’s sequence.


Team Selling is very useful in complex deals. The company can easily manage and close a lot of deals with the help of a team of experts. Many companies have implemented this strategy and have reaped its benefits.

Why waiting?

Adopt the team selling approach and build a sales structure that is adaptable to the changing requirements of the business environment.


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