Artificial Intelligence: Ways to improve the Customer Service

01 Aug 2022

What’s AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of the human intelligence processes by
machines. The application of AI has paved the way for increased efficiency in the
organization and today AI is used to perform tasks that were previously done by
Today Artificial Intelligence is widely used and various organizations have successfully
incorporated Artificial powered technologies. It is used in various forms like live chat,
automatic monitoring, voice recognition, etc.

Can AI bring changes in Customer service?
Let’s dive into it.

AI: Changes in Customer Service

Customer service has got a different facet with the advent of AI. Today Artificial
Intelligence is looked upon by organizations to provide a personalized customer
AI can enhance the customer experience in many ways with the right application.
For example, a couple of years back when we think about customer service of any
company, a picture of a human comes into our mind asking the question” How Can I
help you”. But today Chatbots are widely used to resolve customer queries.

What are the different ways in which AI can be leveraged in Customer Service?

1. Solve customer queries
AI chatbots can be used to answer frequently asked questions raised by customers.
The twin advantages of using chatbots are :
1. It can significantly improve the customer experience.
2. Reduce the costs for the organization.

2. To learn customer behavior patterns
AI can be used to understand the behavior of customer behavior patterns and forecast
their behavior. When a customer approaches the organization, these patterns can be
used to intelligently offer the most likely service options or information based on the time
and date of previous activities.

3. Natural Language Understanding can be utilized
Organizations can leverage AI for the real-time analysis of customer service calls,
chats, and emails. The customer’s level of satisfaction can be better understood and AI
can provide better ways to improve the customer experience.

4. Customer wait time can be measured
AI can be used to measure customer wait time which is very important in the customer
service industry. With computer vision AI, it is easy to collect actionable insights on
each interaction and it can be used to improve customer service.

5. Trends and events can be anticipated
A large amount of public data is produced globally every second and it can be used for
AI-enabled predictive anticipation of trends and key events of interest. It will help to
forecast and address issues in various markets while proactively mitigating malicious
digital threats to your business, brand, or customers.

6. Customization options can be enhanced
AI can be used to apply personalization in communication. Companies can implement
AI-generated content while interacting with customers. This is very useful for companies
competing in a creative niche.

7. Average handle time can be reduced
AI in the form of chatbots or passive voice biometrics can reduce the time that the agent
needs to spend on a call.
Chatbots are able to quickly answer basic inquiries and requests. Customers need not
have to wait for agents to solve their problems. Instead, they can ask the chatbot for
Passive voice biometrics can reduce the time spent by the agents on each interaction
as the caller could be identified within seconds by analyzing the way they speak.

8. Helps to adapt to changing situations
The ability of AI-powered solutions to learn and adapt to changing situations is its true
With AI, organizations can keep track of the current market trends and adapt to the
changes in the business environment. This helps the organization to stay in the game
and create a better impression on the current and new customers.

The movement from Artificial Intelligence to Adaptive Intelligence

A new term known as Adaptive Intelligence is evolving these days. It’s a subset of
Artificial Intelligence. It combines the power of real-time internal and external data with
decision science and a highly scalable computing infrastructure.
With the use of Adaptive Intelligence, enterprises are able to make better business

What are the best practices to get the most from AI?

Following are some practices made by the Harvard Business Review to get started with
1. AI capabilities should be applied to activities that have an immediate impact on
revenue and cost.
2. AI should be used to boost productivity with the same headcount.
3. Begin the AI implementation in the back office and not in the front office.


Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in the improvement of the customer service
industry. It can reduce costs and improve the customer experience.
A better understanding of the needs and interests of the customers can be gained
through the use of AI. This will help the organizations to provide better products and
services that suit the preferences and tastes of the customers.
Use AI to enhance the efficiency of the operations of an organization.


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